Reach For the Stars - Raising the Stakes Can Help You to Achieve Greatness

What are your craziest dreams and what is stopping you from pursuing them? It's amazing to think that many people don't take their dreams seriously.
We all start out as idealists, but as we age, the goals seem diminish.
That does not have to be the case.
Revisit the ideas you had as a young adult and think about what happened to those dreams.
Did you dream about being in politics or going on safari? Did you fantasize about a certain car or a life on the red carpet? The thing is that too often we let other people discourage us, maybe even unintentionally, and we take their comments and thoughts to heart and engrain them in ourselves.
Once as a young man I dreamt of singing in a rock band.
I began pursuing it and once hit a bad note, and a 'friend' said "give it up, kid" and I did.
Twenty years later, I was encouraged to sing at a karaoke bar and that led to a recovery of confidence and a lead in a musical theater production.
You are the only person who can limit you.
Life can last a long time, or can end abruptly, so make every day count.
Don't say to yourself, Oh, I'm too old to do "X.
" You may have many years to go on this planet and X is possible.
The other thing is you may think, Oh, I'll get around to X sooner or later, but sooner or later doesn't arrive.
Count your time as precious and make every moment count.
We only have the now, the moment we are in.
Janis Joplin said tomorrow never comes, it's all the same day.
Her days, sad to say ended too soon, but the message is as true for you as anyone else.
Take the time to go for your dreams, reach for the stars, and you can achieve things that will amaze you.
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