What is One Word You Must Possess Before You Will Experience Forgiveness and Understanding?

Compassion is an element of humanity that is rampant for some and virtually nonexistent in others.
For one to experience compassion, one must choose to be forgiving and understanding.
While considering the emotions we filter through our conscious minds, we find compassion, it will not be an option, if we do not recognize and develop the mental talents to analyze a situation and give it a place of importance.
Compassion is the ability to see a need in others and permit that person to be whomever or whatever they choose to be, while our differences or dislikes may remain in opposition with them.
Compassion will not only bless the receiver, it will inevitably leave a trace of blessing on the giver.
You cannot show compassion, when you are focused on how wrong the other person is.
You cannot experience the benefits of love, without showing compassion to others.
When you find yourself in a place of disagreement with someone, you will find it much easier to reconcile the difference, by using compassion on them.
You will be the one who starts seeing from their point of view, how to negotiate or compromise to work out a solution to the difference.
Compassion allows you to empathize with another when you know that they are on a misguided path, that will ultimately lead them astray! You are not always able to stop the direction a person chooses, however, with compassion, you will have some amount of influence, simply through your positive energy.
So, give compassion a try, the next time you are about to judge, use it instead! Cheryl G Burke cherylgburke.
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