Mind Control-get People To Do Whatever You Want

When you hear the words mind control, a few standard images probably come to mind: religious cults, brainwashed followers, bizarre psychiatric experiments. But mind control is anything but standard.

It isnt about turning the people around you into zombies or standing on a pulpit leading a mass of devout robotic followers. Its about convincing people that your needs are their needs. You dont rob them of their free will, you just guide them in the direction you want them to go.

Mind control is the successful control of another person without their knowledge. It is sometimes labeled with the less-than-desirable term of brainwashing. Although it sounds like youre unethically taking someones free will, thats not the case.

Through skilled mind control tactics, you simply remap someones brain. You dont brainwash them, you give them new insight insight that happens to benefit you, but doesnt harm them.

Controlling a persons thoughts or actions is not the same as brainwashing or brain programming. Brainwashing tactics often include some form of bodily harm or threat. Its a physical, emotional and mental breakdown of another persons spirit.

Mind control doesnt seek to break a person down so they can be rebuilt as another person. Its much more covert and subtle and far more ethical. With finely crafted mind control procedures, the person isnt even aware that they are your subjects. They feel as if theyve reached a decision on their own and theoretically they have; it just happens to be a decision based on your influence.

Consider this: In the 1970s, it was revealed that advertisers used various forms of subliminal advertising to convince consumers to buy specific products. Could this be considered a form of mind control? Yes. Does it equate to brainwashing or brain programming? Doubtful.

Consumers had free will all the while, they were just lead by suggestion to buy one product over another. Mass electronic media took advantage of this form of manipulation and it has been ongoing ever since. Without some basic understanding and appreciation of mind control, spin doctors and marketing managers wouldnt have jobs.

By tackling equally stealthy techniques, you too can make personally beneficial suggestions to unwitting subjects. They will make their own decisions at your discretion without even knowing that theyre doing your bidding.

Mastering mind control allows you to modify the behavior of those around you. You can influence them, plant seeds of suggestions in their brains, and take them where you want to go, whether its a product you want them to buy or a task you want them to complete.

Imagine how your life could change if you had this ability. Imagine how much easier things would come to you professionally and personally. Think of how your relationships would change and develop if you had more control over them.

In recent years Americans have increasingly felt like their world is slipping out of their hands. Economic turmoil, natural disasters, bad news, wars, living overworked and underpaid all this, coupled with the daily grind of being a spouse, parent, employee and individual, can be more than overwhelming.

You may not be able to make changes on an international level, but why not take control of your own life at least? Take some burden off your shoulders by taking over your mind, and those around you.

When it comes to mind control, dont believe the myths. Mind control isnt the evil process that some believe it to be. It simply allows you to manipulate your environment into something more comfortable, beneficial and effective. You dont break someone elses spirit you help to nourish yours. No show of force required.

Conquering the fascinating world of mind control can accomplish many things for you, but most importantly, it allows you to be in command of your life.

What would it be like for you to master these mind control techniques?
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